Help us to make things happen!

Camping On Country
Cultural re-connection is part of the wrap-around support TCL aims to provide our at-risk youth. We are working towards a quarterly three-day camp but need help to acquire the tents and 'camp kitchen'.
Raised: $5,745.00
Goal: $2,600.00
Sanding Equipment
Help us save for our much needed Vertical Oscillating Bench Bobbin Sander. The cost is $495. The bobbin sander will allow us to increase professionalism and productivity in our workshop.
Raised: $800.00
Goal: $495.00

Toys Change Lives is completely self-funded through sales from the items the Team make, and through generous individuals and businesses who donate funds and materials to assist us to close the gap.

TCL is NOT government-funded…yet!

It is our goal to attract ongoing Federal funding in 2020 that will enable us to strengthen and improve the program, with a view to ‘blue-printing’ the program so that it may be replicated in other regional and rural towns that face the same youth issues that Casino does.