Taye Torrens
Past TCL Trainee
I wanna thank TCL for all the help an encouragement they have given me during some personal difficulties and mentoring to get me through a tough time with the justice system. I plan to work hard to prove to myself and to others that I will be a valuable member of the community and my culture. TCL and Pete have given me opportunities that other people wouldn’t. He’s changed my life in a lot of ways. If I was in the worst place he’d be the one to lift me back up. You don’t get much people that loves, cares an believes in a person than him.
Aaron Avery
TCL Graduate
Last time I got out of the detention centre, I had nothing to do and the first thing I did was get back into trouble & crime. With a job at TCL I have something to do and I don't go an look for my friends and get into trouble. Working at TCL has given me a good mindset about work. I'm a Dad now, and I know TCL & Pete are by my side when I need help.
Nic Donnelly
TCL Graduate
"I was in ACMENA three times. Afterwards it was hard to get a job and live properly. No-one really wants to hire you. But Pete and TCL gave me a chance to prove myself and now I've completed my Certificate III in Social Work and have just landed a full-time job as a Youth Worker. TCL gave me a chance and a new start."